My kids having to see their dad every weekend just isn’t fair! 

My break up journey 

A women’s journey break up, court and shared care. 
Part 1 The Initial Break up! 

The lead up to the break up 

9 years into our relationship and it just wasn’t the same. We’d had a great positive relationship and partnership and this was fading away. We’d always had a mostly great relationship. We did things as a couple and as a family we have many fond memories. The key was we worked together and we’re always on the same page. Looking back the change began when I decided that my teaching career was no longer for me. We just weren’t on the same page. I soon realised this was not what I wanted…I’d become a teacher to have a better lifestyle for my children. I wasn’t, I was tired, felt restricted and lived for weekends and school holidays.
Communication had broken down and our lack of positive communication lead to disagreements and arguments
Everything began to dwindle, our home, our family time and our relationship. Things didn’t improve, I made the decision that I did not want to continue. We both deserved to be happy and we weren’t. My children deserved their parents to be happy…after all happy people make happy parents.
After a 10 year relationship and sharing the responsibility and care of our children it was now time decide how much time we should have.
I’ll be honest, separating my feelings towards him and my boys was the hardest thing initially. The thought of not seeing them for a day (or even more was heartbreaking)
Naively I thought we’d be able to amicably sort arrangements for the children between us. Why wouldn’t we? We’d had a great positive relationship and always put our boys first.   After a break up though things change you see a different side to them and yourself.
Unfortunately we were unable to agree.


Our lovely holiday at BQ Belvedere, Majorca

I’ve recently returned from a week’s holiday in Majorca (half term) with my two boys aged 12 and 5.

Thought I’d share our experience as BQ Belvedere was a great place to stay and would recommend it to families travelling with kids.

Day 1

We arrived…..The rooms were fine for what we needed, sleeping & showers…….

TV 3 beds, bathroom and quite a spacious sunny balcony…what more do you need.
Breakfast, Continental, full English or nice healthy fruit…. There was something for everyone.

After breakfast the kids found the pool and I found the sun loungers…..ah and relax! After about half an hour I heard lots of Spanish salsa music. To be honest I just wanted to sleep at this point… but after a while I thought I’d check it out as it sounded quite fun…..
Bailando con mama (dancing with mom) is what is was. Moms working out whilst dancing with their little ones…I grabbed my Baby Kane and we enjoyed a little dance which was fun. There was salsa during the afternoon too which anyone could get involved in…. one of the many activities. We spent much of the afternoon lounging though (the boys in and out of the pool and running around like lunatics as they do)…well that’s what holidays are for aren’t they?

Day 2
More lounging and the boys have made some friends which is great I might be able to get engrossed into one of my books or I could just get into a deep sleep lol. After lots of persuasion…Kane finally checked out the kid’s club for a while (about 20 mins) said he’d had enough and raided my bag for wipes so he could wipe the paint off his freshly painted clown face…not impressed was an understatement.
Kane did get social during the evening at the mini disco which was great fun. Followed by a Robbie Williams tribute.
Malakie spent much of the day ping pong in and playing football wherever he could (the universal sport of any language)

Day 3
It was a cloudy and overcast and much cooler than previous days. I decided to take the boys on the free bus to Palma nova. We looked in a few shops and visited a local park.
Kane and I played snap and watched Spanish cartoons when we got back. Mally made use of the indoor arcade whilst it chucked it down.
The sun finally came out Mally found the pool and water guns and Kane played in the park and then footy with some more new amigos.

Day 4 & 5

Started the day with a Pilates class  Yoga – The morning started well with a yoga class.
Followed by lots of sunbathing of course…. plenty to do otherwise if you wanted to join the activities.
Treasure hunt Kane went on a treasure hunt as it was a pirate themed day
We walked down to the local shops.
Kane’s been enjoying kids club.
The boys have spent much of the rest of the day playing football, swimming and table tennis.
This afternoon I spent an hour in a Spanish class revising my Spanish and learning some more of the lingo.

Day 6 & 7
We visited Magaluf (before 7pm of course)!
Beautiful beach with a very calm sea which is great when you’re travelling with little ones.
On Day 7 we caught the bus to the beautiful town of Palma. Just 20 minutes from the hotel and a nice contrast to the seaside. If you like shopping and sightseeing, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Overall a fantastic hotel packed full of entertainment which is great for families.

Top 5 things about this hotel 

Free bus to Palma Nova – Close to the beach.

Very clean hotel and rooms, cleaned every day.

Friendly staff & excellent entertainment team.

Great choice of food and drinks throughout the whole day.

Very family friendly – Numerous activities/entertainment day and night including a great kids club for kids 4 and over.

Check these sites out if your looking for a good deal



Remember…you don’t always have to book a package.. find cheap flights and book direct with BQ Belvedere. 


Andrea x