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Our cheap weekend break

I’m on a fabulous break at Woolecombe Bay in Devon. We are at Twitchen House which is one of the 4 parks that make up Woolecombe bay.

We booked this way back in August, 9 months ago. Initially it was a £48 deposit. £9.50 per person. We booked it via the Sun Holiday deals that they run a few times a year.

I was very happy to be able to get Woolecombe as it’s a very popular site, also after having a quick look on their website the true cost of this holiday would be more like £430 so we’ve saved over £300. This trip in total cost us less than £80. That’s just under £20 per head for a family of 5. To stay in a 2 bedroom caravan for 3 nights. Bargain. There are extras thst you can pay for but we just added the £30 for gas and electric which we had to pay. Obviously.

Of all the places we’ve stayed at via the Sun Holiday deals (and we’ve been doing them for over 5 years) I think this is my favourite. The facilities seem to be up to date and modern and lots to choose from.

We paid £5.00 each for a bus ticket that we could use for the durarion of our stay. It goes to and from Woolecoombe beach stopping at all the other sites inbetween. Woolecombe beach was voted Britain’s best beach in 2015 and 2016 and it’s easy to see why. It’s huge so even on a busy day you don’t feel like a sardine packed in with other people all around you. The views are breath takingly beautiful.

Shops and reastuarants are a short walk away and the obligatory fish and chips are available from a kiosk on the beach.

There were no loud funfairs just kids playing ball games and with a good old fashioned bucket and spade.

Our kids were entertained most of the time with the outdoor (heated) pool and play area at Twitchen House.

I love Devon especially the North. So if you are struggling and have never considered a Sun Holiday do it.

There is so much stuff to do here too much to cram into a weekend so we will definately be coming back.

Our party consisted of 2 adults. 3 children aged 14,11 and 7 and we’ve all had a wonderful time.

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Planning and throwing a kids party on a budget

birthday1Do you want to throw a great party to remember without breaking the bank?
These handy tips will help you do just that.

  1. Plan in advance – have a clear budget and a savings tin (for your birthday fund) that you can add to throughout the year. Also buying and planning though the year will mean less last minute expensive purchases as the party approaches. The works, Poundland and other budget shops have lots of great deals for parties all year round.
  2. Team up with a mate. Having a joint party means sharing the workload and the cost. You can often host the party at somewhere slightly above your budget if you’re sharing the cost too.
  3. Ditch the paper invites. There are tons of free, fab apps you can create a great party invite for you child’s party. Quick, easy and FREE! Also you’re saving lots of time and paper of course.
  4. No – cost activities/games – musical chairs, Simon says, keep up the balloon and dance freeze. Kids love traditional and simple games. Get them to help you plans some too.
  5. Get the kids making their own food. Create a pizza, buy pizza based and kids favourite toppings. Kids are more likely to eat what they create themselves and if not they’ve had a fun creative task. This can be one of your party activities, possibly messy but fun!
  6. If you’re feeling particularly brave – Host the party at home! Even in winter there are many great fun activities you can do inside the home. Pamper parties, creative arts/crafts, makeovers and cooking fun. Outdoor parties can include treasure hunts, bouncy castles and sports fun.

Parties don’t need to be elaborate and expensive. Some of my children’s favourite parties have been quite simple and personal to the child.
Not sure where to start, speak to you’re kids and ask for their ideas. Get them creating a food shopping list too they will love to get involved and you’ll know exactly what they will enjoy and want at their party. It means you’ll have less to do too.

Keep following us to see us host a great kids party on a budget within the next month!


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2brokemoms guide to… Disney World

We’re here to help parents on with very tight budgets to acheive things they think are too expensive or behind their wildest dreams. We’ve always wanted to take our children to Disney World but when we priced it up it was way out of our budget.

This is how we made it a reality.

1. We searched for villas online. Villas broken down per person can be a lot cheaper than a hotel.

2. The villa we have is an 8 bed. We invited our families to come along, making the cost of the Villa very affordable.

3. We gave ourselves 18 months to save and pay for it.

4. Worked out how much we needed and broke the cost into weekly chunks and set that money aside.

5. Shop around for flights. America is a huge country and there are many was of getting there. If you don’t mind long waits you can fly inexpensively.

Our villa


Things to do this October half term

We’re nearly half way through half term……Are the kids bored yet?
If you’re home with the kids this half term and have run out of things to keep the little ones entertained….check out some of our simple activity ideas below.
1. Check out your local library they often have free events throughout the holidays.
2. Movie day – (really a day you can do nothing…eat junk food and it’s FREE and you don’t have to leave the house!
Alternatively visit you local Odeon, Vue or Reel cinema for an early morning, cheaper than usual kids club cinema. £2.50 or less for selected kids films.
3. Go for a walk…..whether it’s sunny or rainy embrace the weather and go for a walk it’s a great way to unwind and wear the kids out.
4. Make a cake….a great rainy day activity.
5. Visit a local farm…it’s pumpkin season and almost Halloween…why not go pumpkin picking.
Fancy treating the kids to lunch or dinner this week. Find your local Toby carvery, Giraffe, Prezzo, Frankie and Bennys, La Tasca and Hungry Horse. Kids eat FREE or for £1 with a full paying adult.
Visiting London this week?
Kids go absolutely free to The Shard in London.
Check out these useful websites
Andrea x

Summer hols are nearly here!

I don’t know who gets more excited about the summer holidays me or the kids.

I absolutely love planning trips and activities with my children. I count down to the holidays so we can plan some fun days out.
This year I want to explore some of the wonderful and beautiful places in England. You can’t beat a good little road trip and a packed lunch of course! My children love travelling, it’s a great fun and educational as they learn so much exploring different places.

My top 10 Places I want to visit with the children this summer
I love planning trips with my kids, so with the summer holidays just around the corner I thought I’d make a list as it’s nice to tick them off.

1. We had a fab time exploring Cambridge and the university, so I thought we should go to Oxford too. I visited a few times when I was a child so really want to take my children. There will be plenty to see and do. Around 78 miles away just an hour and a half drive or just over an hour by train. Fun things to do with the kids in oxford.

2. Malvern hills – such a pretty place, we love the outdoors.
3. Clent hills is so local to us but I don’t visit there at all, looking forward to taking a ball and taking in the views. Enjoy more benefits and become a member of the National Trust and explore a breadth of beautiful places across the country.
4. When we get another scorcher of a day I’m going to pack my picnic basket and visit Sutton Park
5. I love Stratford upon Avon, we usually catch the train and make a great day of, beautiful and lots to do and see. Why not visit…..The Butterfly Farm and Shakesphere’s House while you are there.
6. Windsor castle is one of the beautiful castles in England I still haven’t visited
7. Essington farm is great for fruit picking and the kids love that.
8. Severn Valley Railway always have different activities on, once I see one the children like I shall book it and go.
9. Trentham gardens lovely and picturesque it’s a must see plus you can go and see the beautiful monkeys at the Monkey Forest.
10. Cotswolds is somewhere I keep hearing about and have seen some stunning pictures of…so why not see what it’s like.
Stay posted to see how we enjoyed our adventures.

summer hols pic

Andrea x


Pocket Money! How much and how often?


Pocket Money?

How do you give your child their pocket money? Do you have any conditions to it such as they must clean their room etc? Do you give pocket money as a reward or to teach money management? There doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer to these questions as it seems pocket money means something different to each parent I ask.

I had no clue what the pocket money going rate was for my 6 year old daughter. After speaking to other parents I realised I was being screwed over (self inflicted I set a figure and rolled with it). On average the parents I spoke to were giving their children £2- £2.50 per week.

After a bit of research I found an amazing app called GO Henry it’s for children from as young as 6 years old upwards. Most bank accounts which are free for kids start when they are around 11.

I’m not a financial expert far from it, I’m not a broke mum for no reason, therefore I am in no way qualified to say if this is the best app on the market it just works for us.

My daughter has a contactless bank card with her name on it. You can customise them at an extra cost but I didn’t opt for that. Parents can top up as and when they want to. I currently have a set amount going into the card each week via direct debit so that I don’t have to think about it. The card can be used as a debit card in shops and online to purchase all the fun exciting things that a child could want. In other words my daughter is able to buy all the crap I refuse to buy for her.

I must say she’s a lot more selective about the stuff she “really really needs” now she has her own money.


You can set up several saving goals specifying and amount and the date you want to achieve the figure. The money is then taken every week and becomes unavailable from the spending balance.


You can set incentives too where the child can earn extra money. I set up that if my daughter tries a new food she will get £2.00. It’s been 3 months and she’s not tried one new food yet. 😐


All purchases are tracked and you get notified every time the child uses their card, this is especially good for older children to keep an eye on their spending.


You can set spending limits too broken down into a weekly spend, a single spend limit and a cash machine limit.

The app costs £2.50 per month but the fact my daughter can manage her own money like this is invaluable to me. She has already vowed to save money for a trip to Disney World we have planned, which is great as I didn’t have that kind of discipline at 26 years old let alone 6.

Here’s a referral code where you get the card free and 1 months subscription



First blog post- We’ve been hiding.


We’ve been hiding

Why the hell have we been hiding?

We think we are flipping awesome when it comes to all things parenting! If you don’t believe us ask our kids… actually don’t ask mine, she tells me I’m the worst mum in the world at least once a day.

Anyway we’ve been hiding ourselves away and not sharing our wonderfulness. This stops now!

We will be sharing all of our tips on all things parenting on a budget. We will give tips and info on our days out, dinners, affordable holidays outside of term time, weekend & after school fun. How to maximise your time with your kids, fun days in, rainy days, educational fun, Learning through play – cooking, cleaning, Goals setting with our kids ensuring they are confident and achieve everything they put their young minds to …oh and how to make slime! (vlog coming very soon).

We hope to you share all your awesomeness with us too! We love connecting with other parents and like minded folk.

Ayallah x

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