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Kids present hacks …

Here are a few tips on how to save time and money when buying gifts for children. Be it your own, extended family or school friends.

When I was new to all this gift buying I would spend a fortune because I was ill prepared. If I had time before a party I’d run it to a shop buy a gift then put it into an over priced gift bag with an equally over priced card. Gone are those day.

Pre plan

Get a wall calender and put all the birthdays in the family on there. That way at a glance you know what you have coming up.

Save if you can

I have a prepaid debit card that I top up each week and use it as and when I need to buy gifts etc. You could also use a service like Park Christmas(see previous blog) and save up and buy gift vouchers and spend them throughout the year.

Buy presents in advanced

Buy about a month in advanced. Get it wrapped and ready. Nothing is worst than that last minute rush around before a party to get the gifts wrapped If I wasn’t rushing around at the last minute in shops, I spending a fortune putting money in cards because I just wasn’t prepared in time.

Some stores do really good deals on Birthday cards too like 10 for £1. Bulk buy them. It’s much cheaper and you will always have them to hand. Same with wrapping paper too.

2 for 1 deals

when I see these I buy a few and put them away until I need them. These are great for those last minute parties your child gets invited to by school friends etc or your friends child you inevitable have forgotten.

Stick to one or 2 places to buy your gifts from

Have your go to shops. If they have a reward scheme then great. Wait for the extra points weekends and bulk buy gifts. You get your points and gifts you were going to buy anyway.

Ebay or other selling sites

Great to buy and sell. You can sell unwanted gifts and buy new ones at a fraction of the price you would pay in a shop. These are great if you are buying something specific and branded.


I learned this from one of my mum chums after her daughter’s party. She simply hid all duplicate presents so the child wouldn’t notice and saved them for regifting. Saving time and money.

Nothing revolutionary but it’s the little things that make life little bit less stressful.

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