Summer hols are nearly here!

I don’t know who gets more excited about the summer holidays me or the kids.

I absolutely love planning trips and activities with my children. I count down to the holidays so we can plan some fun days out.
This year I want to explore some of the wonderful and beautiful places in England. You can’t beat a good little road trip and a packed lunch of course! My children love travelling, it’s a great fun and educational as they learn so much exploring different places.

My top 10 Places I want to visit with the children this summer
I love planning trips with my kids, so with the summer holidays just around the corner I thought I’d make a list as it’s nice to tick them off.

1. We had a fab time exploring Cambridge and the university, so I thought we should go to Oxford too. I visited a few times when I was a child so really want to take my children. There will be plenty to see and do. Around 78 miles away just an hour and a half drive or just over an hour by train. Fun things to do with the kids in oxford.

2. Malvern hills – such a pretty place, we love the outdoors.
3. Clent hills is so local to us but I don’t visit there at all, looking forward to taking a ball and taking in the views. Enjoy more benefits and become a member of the National Trust and explore a breadth of beautiful places across the country.
4. When we get another scorcher of a day I’m going to pack my picnic basket and visit Sutton Park
5. I love Stratford upon Avon, we usually catch the train and make a great day of, beautiful and lots to do and see. Why not visit…..The Butterfly Farm and Shakesphere’s House while you are there.
6. Windsor castle is one of the beautiful castles in England I still haven’t visited
7. Essington farm is great for fruit picking and the kids love that.
8. Severn Valley Railway always have different activities on, once I see one the children like I shall book it and go.
9. Trentham gardens lovely and picturesque it’s a must see plus you can go and see the beautiful monkeys at the Monkey Forest.
10. Cotswolds is somewhere I keep hearing about and have seen some stunning pictures of…so why not see what it’s like.
Stay posted to see how we enjoyed our adventures.

summer hols pic

Andrea x


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